About Us



Our Mission

To create, improve and maintain access to high quality and affordable elderly care services for graceful aging.

Agewatch Africa Foundation (Agewatch) is a nonprofit social enterprise organization; providing elderly care services in Kenya. In Kenya, like in many other African nations, aging has become a major national issue unlike before when children stayed with parents and looked after them in old age. This change is driven by the high rural to urban migration rate by younger generation looking for livelihood from cities, leaving behind their elderly folks unattended at the rural homes. On the other hand, people now live longer, meaning they have more years after the empty nest when children leave home. This means more years of loneliness – and, unfortunately, more years of ill health. These and other developments have made aging become a problem not just for the elderly but for the caregivers too and particularly the children, already caught up in their fast-paced urban modern life.


All over the world, there is much attention on the girl child, boy child and youths in general by most governments and social groups. Sad to say, in most cases, there are no clear, actionable policies and strategic plans for these age groups as they advance into retirement and old age. This is the social problem that Agewatch seeks to address.


Agewatch focus is to be a continental high impact social enterprise providing high quality and affordable elderly care services in Kenya and beyond. Our ongoing support in close collaboration with family and friends of the elderly ensures critical access to the much-lacking yet needed professional elderly care that is critical for healthy, strong and graceful aging!



Our vision

A world where every elderly citizen can access quality elderly care services regardless of where they live.

  • To improve the quality of life for older people in the broadest sense.
  • To provide necessary infrastructure for elderly to socialise and spend their spare time meaningfully in creative activities, and thus age healtthy, strong and gracefully.
  • To collaborate with local and international stakeholder groups and institutions working for the well being of older people in Africa and globally.
  • To be non-political, non-sectarian and non-religious.



  • Agewatch pursues a path of financial sustainability by adopting a pure business model. Where necessary, subsidies and charities are sought for advocacy and infrastructure development activities.
  • Agewatch will keep focus on the quality of service and will invest in growth based on learning curves from pilot projects initiated at the community level. This approach envisages a consistent growth in a controlled way and thus entrenching the Agewatch model in the market.
  • The Agewatch service offer is based on the philosophy that for every older person who may need care, Agewatch will provide its service in or as close as possible to the elder’s home environment.

The care and inspiration that led to Agewatch Africa Foundation

In 2015, inspired by the pleasure of caring for his mum until her passing at the age of 93 years, and being motivated and passionate to make a difference in the lives of seniors and underserved, Richard founded Agewatch.