Meet Our Team

Our team is committed to improving the lives of the elderly in Kenya by providing them with the services and support they need to age gracefully. Our multidisciplinary team understands Kenya and together, we can improve the quality of our most fragile citizens – the elderly.

Board of Directors

Founder & CEO

Richard is the founder and CEO of Agewatch Africa. He is a business and financial manager with nearly 3 decades of experience with Kenyan enterprises and his experience spans several economic sectors. Richard is committed to delivering of the mandate of Agewatch Africa to achieve a healthy, strong and graceful ageing environment for all the elderly in Kenya and beyond.
Board Member

As a nurse, Kadogo has extensive international experience providing care for end-of-life and dementia patients across community and institutional-based settings. Kadogo is responsible for promoting Agewatch Africa abroad and has been instrumental to our international partnerships.
Board Chair

As a physician, Dave has a history serving marginalized populations through his work and research across the private and social sectors throughout Eastern Africa. Dave has been instrumental in the setting up of Agewatch Centre at Ojola village in Kisumu County.
Board Member

Collins joined AgeWatch in March 2018 and oversees our business development and marketing activities. Collins has vast private sector development experience and has worked extensively on international platforms through DFID and USAID funded projects.
Board Member & Sub-County Nurse

Lucy has extensive clinical nursing experience earned while in public health service working for the Ministry of Health as Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse (KRCHN). She is currently pursuing advanced certification in oncology nursing. Lucy joined the board of directors in 2021 and oversees the AgeWatch Intake Assessment program as our sub-county nurse.

Advisory Board

The mission of our Advisory Board is to provide strategic support and assist the Board of Directors to enhance the quality of services, international reputation, and financial strength of AgeWatch Africa as we strive to better serve the needs of our community. As a multidisciplinary, international group of business leaders, the Advisory Board provides a global perspective to ageing issues. Our 2021 Advisory Board members include:

  • Sachan Benawra, FCCA: Kenyan-based financial consultant
  • Amanda Holup, PhD, MBA: US-based social business consultant
  • Hamilton Rufus: UK-based social service consultant