Trusted care at home

We appreciate that older people want to live independently in the comfort of their own homes and houses for as long as possible. If that possibility is challenged, it does not necessarily mean that the elderly has to leave his/her home. Agewatch offers various options for care and support at home. Ultimately our services focus on all the forty-seven counties in Kenya. Currently, we are found in Kisumu County, where our team is doing everything to ensure that your elderly ones can stay at home for as long as possible.

Daytime activities for the elderly

Designed for those struggling to undertake outdoor activities. For example, because of forgetfulness, an elderly may want more contact with others or perhaps need help to organize his/her day. Our daily activities will offer a solution as follows:

  • In a group – we offer a meaningful and fulfilling day in a comfortable environment. Together with other neighborhood elders, you work actively and independently to strengthen your health. Our guidance is designed to stimulate and stabilize your physical skills. You will also learn how to cope with emerging mental limitations.
  • Day activities plus –This entails daycare and therapy under one roof. Under this program, Agewatch collaborates with primary care providers from the local health professionals including physiotherapists, speech therapists, and psychologists. With an individual treatment program, the elderly can get that little bit extra out of his/her group participation, without having to travel extra for it!

Residential facilities for the elderly

In the medium to long term, Agewatch plans to construct, buy, rent and/or lease appropriate residential homes at the county levels, each with its own character in a central village, location or in the city. Already our Kisumu pilot project situated at Ojola village has a four bedroom facility undergoing preparation for its initial client intake soon.

Day care service providers
Day care services
Day care services