Our Model of Care

We are committed to improving the physical health and mental wellbeing of Kenya’s senior population by providing elderly home care, group daycare programs, and residential nursing care for those needing continuous nursing care (e.g., recently discharged from the hospital, end-of-life care, specialized care). 

Why is Caregiving Needed?

Today, the number of older adults living in sub-Saharan Africa is growing faster than anywhere else in the world and is estimated to reach 157 million older people by 2050. Kenya is already well into this shift with approximately 3.8% of its total population aged 65 and older. Further, disabilities and chronic illness are becoming more prevalent as the population continues to age.

Care Need

In 2019, the census reported that over 46% of individuals reported living with more than one disability including mobility deficits, sensory loss, and cognitive decline. Aging, illness, and disability are intricately interwoven with the loss of an older person’s rights, privacy, and dignity. 

Our Approach

We provide a full range of services including home care, adult day care, and residential care. 

Our Difference

At AgeWatch Africa, we focus on providing person-centred care to empower our clients, families, and community to live their best lives.