Home Care Services

Home care provides ageing adults with the assistance they need to maintain their independent lifestyles. 

Home care enables your ageing loved ones to remain in the comfort of their own homes while professional caregivers assist them with household chores, bathing and dressing, shopping or meal preparation, medication reminders, and other care needs. Every home care programme is unique and specially designed to support your loved one. AgeWatch Africa provides many affordable solutions that are tailored to the changing needs of your loved ones including:

  • Scheduling an in-home assessment with our nursing staff
  • Creating a personalized care plan that outlines support levels and costs
  • Matching your loved ones with a reliable, trained caregiver
  • Coordinating caregiver responsibilities
  • Monitoring support levels and adjusting care plans as needed
  • Providing clear, consistent communication with family members that are working abroad

Diaspora Options

Today, many Kenyans live far from their families and many adult children may have relocated for job offers or educational opportunities. At AgeWatch Africa, we make it easy to find high-quality, reliable care for your ageing family members. Our services are designed to overcome great distances and help you coordinate care for your ageing loved one even though you may live in a different city or even, a different country.