Nurse Assistant Training Program

Caregiver/Nurse Assistant Training Program

Our comprehensive, four-month certificate program prepares you for a meaningful career caring for older adults in different healthcare settings. 

Taught by credentialed instructors with professional experience in acute and home care settings, our Caregiver and Nurse Assistant Training program delivers an engaging, hands on curriculum that will prepare you for a career caring for older adults. Students work directly under the supervision of registered and practical nurses and are given the opportunity to develop their clinical competencies.


The course content focuses on caring for the basic and holistic needs of elderly clients while incorporating therapeutic communication and intrapersonal skills. Our curriculum is based on the World Health Organisation and their Integrated Care for Older People or ICOPE guidelines. Topics include:

  • Problem solving skills to address the care needs of elderly clients
  • Training in patient safety and confidentiality
  • Introduction to common diseases and chronic conditions facing the elderly 
  • Principles of nutrition and fluid balance
  • Basic emergency care skills and procedure

Students can generally expect to complete their training in 4 months. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, graduates receive a certificate of completion and are eligible to work with AgeWatch Africa or pursue educational and employment options in other healthcare settings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Training Course


Our healthcare professionals, nurses, and educational staff are passionate about putting our clients and patients first. If you share our passion and want to help meet the growing need for compassionate and qualified nursing professionals, become a certified nurse assistant today! We want to provide you with the education, professional credentials, best practises, skills, and insights you need to provide the best patient care to your clients. Our FAQ section highlights some of our most common questions. If your questions are not answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question in more detail.

The total estimated cost for the caregiver/nurse assistant course is Kshs. 45,000

All Applicants should submit the following records to be considered for admission. The documents should be sent to:

  • A KCSE Mean Grade D certificate (minimum)
  • Application letter addressed to ‘The Course Coordinator’
  • A personal resume (CV) attached to copies of certificates
  • A duly completed Request for Registration form

Attendance at all of the classroom, lab, and clinical sessions is mandatory in order to complete the course successfully.

Students will receive a Caregiver/Nurse Assistant uniform during the first day of class and information about our dress code guidelines. Also, on the first day of class, students will be provided with a training manual and supplemental training guides.

It is essential that caregiver/nurse-assisting students be able to perform a number of physical activities in the clinical portion of the program. At a minimum, students will be required to lift patients, stand for several hours at a time, and perform bending activities. Students who have a chronic illness or condition must be maintained on current treatment and be able to implement direct patient care. The clinical Care/Nurse Assistant experience also places students under considerable mental and emotional stress as they undertake responsibilities and duties affecting patient’s lives. Students must be able to demonstrate rational and appropriate behavior under stressful conditions. Individuals should consider the mental and physical demands of the program prior to making application

The Caregiver/Nurse Assistant course supports a Zero Tolerance Policy for the following behaviors:

  • Intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm to any person on the program or clinical site, or intentionally or recklessly causing reasonable apprehension of such harm.
  • Unauthorized use or possession of any weapon or explosive device on the clinical site.
  • Unauthorized use, distribution, or possession for purposes of distribution of alcohol or any controlled substance or illegal drug on clinical site.
  • Caregiver/Nurse Assistant students engaging in this misconduct are subject to immediate dismissal from classes and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

Space is limited and we are currently enrolling in our May 1st cohort. Register today and make a difference in patient care and YOUR CAREER