Senior Highlights 1This is Professor OTIENO JOWI at the daycare service session at Agewatch Kisumu center on February 29, 2020. Prof JOWI’s home is about half a kilometer away from the center. Prof JOWI has spent close to two decades working in foreign countries including America, Egypt, Russia, and Scotland mainly as an educationist. His last assignment was in Kenya, at the University of Nairobi, Kikuyu Campus, as Chairman & Dean of Faculty of Education. For a long time now, Prof JOWI in his own words has lived a ‘miserable and lonely’ life at home, coping with a number of ailments that force him to visit a doctor regularly. He had two wives, the first lives with her grown children in America, while the younger wife died and left him with a young daughter who is now in high school and is the only one staying with him and struggling to look after him and the entire home. Prof Jowi has high expectations from Agewatch as he feels the project will be beneficial. He believes the Agewatch concept is necessary and should receive full support from all stakeholders.

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